October 8

Saying Goodbye

What liked about bloging

I liked making my avatar and setting up my blog. I also enjoyed looking at other peoples blogs.Blogs from other countrys are quiete interesting because I get to learn about another way of life.

What I didn’t like about bloging

The only thing I didn’t like was typing but I never like typing.

What I could of done better

I could of put in more input at home.Also I could of looked at more blogs and left more comments.

October 8

Education Week Breakfast

This morning at 8 o’clock Mr.R cooked bacon & eggs on the barbecue for breakfast.lots of kids, parents, and peoples relatives came. Most kids played handball and some adults did as well. After playing for an hour the parents came in watched the kids do spelling. They also had an interesting conversation about the plural of draught and satay. After that it started to rain so the parents went home.

October 8

Boambee Bay Reserve

On Wednesday the 14th 4-6 went to Boambee bay reserve. The first thing we did was go for a walk. Mr.R thought the path led to the headland but he finally realised that it went down to the beach. On the way back we saw some caves and a bush turkey. We had recess under a shelter near a chip shop after we ate we had a play. Then we went for a walk on the beach. Charlie found a shark egg and Madison, Mal and I got stuck in sinking sand heaps of times on purpose. After that we had lunch and chips. We finished the day by drawing a map of the bay.

June 1


If I was deserted on a desert island with my family and nothing but our clothes I would entertain them by making a sock puppet.

1.Use some hair as thread .

2.Use  an earing as a needle.

3.Rip the 2 buttons off a shirt.

4.Romve your sock.

5.Use the earing and hair to sew the buttons to the sock as eyes.

Ta-Da you have a sock puppet.

May 25

Taiko Drumming

Last week we went to Raleigh P.S to do Taiko drumming. We arrived in time for afternoon tea so we had a play on the  play ground. After about 10 minutes we all went over to the outdoor ball court were the drumming teacher had set up 36 drums but there was 40 kids.

May 25

About Me

Hello my name is Matsya and Istarted at crossie last term and I am staying to the end of the year. My main intrests are reading,craft ,atheletics and rockclimbing.we have lots of pets,we have 2 dogs,2horse,2 cows,1 cat and about 20 chickens.I used to live in vitoria but we moved up to my grandparents farm in NSW for 1yr because my grandparents went to the U.K.

May 25

Australian Food

Fred walker invented vegemite in 1922 but it was named in 1923 .

At the start of WW2 Australian Armed forces were supplied with 3.18kg and 226g tins of vegemite they also got 14g single packs. It was liked so much that it became in short supply !

Vegemite is made of stuff like black yeast, celery and onion.

2. Lamington

Lamingtons are vanilla sponge cake coated with chocolate and desiccated coconut.

Lamingtons were invented from 1896 to 1901 in Queensland.

In 2011 the biggest lamington was made in Toowoomba. They even got in to the Guinness Book of Records.